Siberia in the Early 20-th Century

Siberia in the Early 20-th Century

Back in 1904 young painter Boris Smirnov was sent by prisoner transport to Siberia; and his path went along the Great Siberian Tract. On his way he was making sketches of settlers and locals of this distant region, as well as of their way of life and Siberian landscape and eventually lining up a whole series of drawings and water-colour paintings.

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Life in the Gutter


The story you’re going to learn now is not a commonplace one. This is the story of a one-day-long journey to the other world that is full of filth, grime and foulness. But in spite of all these dirty things, this world is our world too.

This is an insight on how bums of Novosibirsk live, spend their free time, entertain themselves and occasionally partying. Our humble guide for today is bum Oleg of “Bogdanovskie” gang. There he is. A sly and lively man with his head cracked.

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And Armaments for All

And Armaments for All

Strange situation was caught up on Russian analogue of Google street view. On one of the streets of St. Petersburg city there are clearly visible people with guns in the middle of the bright day, looking like just got those guns from some office. Taking in consideration that most types of guns are illegal to own for a common person in Russia, and clearly not legal to carry it openly except while on hunting makes this bit puzzling.

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Another One Hits the Crust

Another One Hits the Crust

Falling construction cranes are not rare in Russia, we had them a few times. This one is bit more special because of two things. First, there was a video of some traffic cams that caught it falling down, you can find it below:

And the second reason as you can see it has felt not somewhere where no much people around but right on the busy city avenue.

Despite it looks so bad they say there are not much casualties except the crane operator.

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Top Lenin Monuments Pranks


A few days ago some pranksters from a village near the Russian city Bryansk have accomplished a paint job on their local Lenin monument making the once most powerful communist leader look rather like a clown from the local flea market.

Thus this is the latest of the series of Lenin Monuments pranks that took place in Russia lately. We reviewed them all and now this post is a sort of compilation of this fresh one and ones we had before.

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