Dancing Forest


This weird forest is located about 38km away from Curonian Spit, a national park in the Baltic Sea.

Dancing forest is a unique natural phenomenon. Here the pines bend in odd postures, as if dancing. Some trunks are even convolute in rings. There is a belief – if one get through such ring making a wish, it will come true. Another belief says that places where trunks make such rings are the borders of positive and negative energy and if you get through the ring from the proper side, your life will be one year longer.

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The Biggest Swamp In The World


This is the biggest swamp in the world. Its area is 20% wider than the area of Switzerland and makes up 53 thousand square kilometers. As scientists believe it sprang up 10 000 years ago and since then it is inexorably growing. It reminds motion of deserts.
On the territory of the swamp are more than 800 lakes, great number of rivers and streams begin here. And the amount of peat located in this swamp is just enormous  – about 2% of the world resource!

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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man 1

Thousands and thousands of years a hunting man chases wild animals to take their lives. The fear of the four-legged before a man became their instinct. But now, when the wild nature is shrinking like shagreen leather, more and more people strive to find themselves near these wild creatures not to kill but with another purpose. Such people are photographers – naturalists.

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