Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov is an artist from Ekaterinburg city who draws the modern life in Russian village.

Heroes of his works look like real people from Russian countryside.

He never became famous or rich, and he prefers to drink a lot of vodka as a real Russian and doesn’t care much about the missing fame.

Still in his pictures I find something attractive.
leonid baranov painter

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House Made from Bottles

All know that in Russia people drink a lot.

That’s not only Russia the country where people drink a lot, but probably Russia is the biggest country where the vodka is the problem.

So drinking a lot means a lot of empty bottles. They can be recycled of course but they also can be used in some other way.

For example like this one, a guy have built a house using empty bottles.

house made of bottles

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