Holy Spade

You can meet not only computer stuff decorated in Russia. In some Russian villages really weird things can carry the picture of some Holy Saint on it. Like this spade … Read more

If It Was Built

soviet skyscraper 1

This building, the skyscraper with a giant Lenin statue on top was never built.

It was projected on the 3-d construction plans as you can see on the image above but was never started, and some say it’s a big pity it wasn’t.

So one guy decided to insert this Soviet skyscraper in the views of modern Moscow to see how it could look like if it was built.

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Russian Mafia Grave Tombs

russian mafia 1

This photos are from cemetery in Yekaterinburg city. This Russian city was known in 90s as “crime capital of Russia”, many Russian mafia leaders lived there, and many of them participated in gang wars, as a result many of them now rest in peace on this cemetery. They always liked tombs like those, the production of such tomb also costs thousands of dollars.

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