A Requiem to a Lost Bomber

A Requiem to a Lost Bomber 1

Recently in taiga there were found the remains of a Soviet bomber. On 17th December 1939 approximately at 9.00-9.05 this bomber by extreme necessity took off from the airdrome Yagodnik 17 km from Arkhangelsk along the Northern Dvina river. The aid of the bomber was needed for destruction of the Finnish fortification. The weather on that day was awful and at 9.22 the bomber with four crew members aboard ran into the forest…

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A Weird Soviet Plane VVA-14

A Weird Soviet Plane VVA-14 1

This is one of the weirdest exhibit of the Air Force Museum in Monino, the Moscow Region: a Bartini plane that was turned into an ekranoplan. There is pretty much chances you have never heard of this type of planes “Ekranoplanes”. They are unique to Russia and today you’ll become a bit more smarter by seeing something truly unique which is a less known part of our civilization.

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