Moscow, Police and People

On Saturday November 4th, 2006 there was some civil disorder in centre of Moscow.

This day is some sort of Russia holiday devoted to some historical events of liberation of Russia from Polish and Swedish occupation back in medieval times.

So there were group of people who wanted to express their opinion about liberation of Russia nowadays from ethnic groups they consider to be enemies now occupying Russia.

Moscow authorities banned this events so everybody expressing his attitude on Saturday in the centre of Moscow were arrested.

You can see some photos from this event.

disorder in Moscow city

People were taken from streets. Some witnesses say that anybody could be caught even without participating in expressing opinion action.

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Mi-24, The Flying Crocodile

This is Russian helicopter MI-24, but these particular are from Polish army. Poland during Soviet era was buying a lot of weapons from Soviet Union.

In Russia pilots call it “The Crocodile” because some of it’s form resemble some reptile according to their point of view.

So this Polish pilots decided to go further and drew reptile eyes on their helicopters, so now the crocodile analogy can be seen even more precisely.
mi-24, Russian helicopter

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