14 Million Dollars Accident


Here is a military “KAMAZ” truck resting upside down on the wide road of Vladivostok city with an air defense missile system “Pantsyr-S “mounted on it.

The accident happened yesterday morning on the bypass highway near the city. The driver lost control of the truck, and on turn the system fell on its side and blocked the way for all other vehicles moving from Russky island to Patroclus bay.

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White Walker Set On Fire (As Part of the Ancient Slavic Tradition)


Last week was a week of Maslenitsa in Russia or as it’s also called – a Pancake week. It has been celebrated since old times by Slavic people who traditionally make pancakes and burn dummies to meet spring and say goodbye to winter.

Interesting enough, but this year citizens of the Lipetsk region chose to set fire to a dummy of White Walker from “The Game of Thrones” which is rather popular in Russia, too. There were dances and a fire show and people looked happy and excited. Such a strange blend of the Slavic pagan tradition and modern American pop culture!


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Funeral of Stalin And How Soviet People Recollect That Day


66 years ago, on March 6th, all Moscow was burying the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, generalissimo of the Soviet Union, leader and teacher, Great Helmsman and father of the people Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (Dzhugashvili). According to the official version, he died late on March 5th from cerebral hemorrhage.

The Moscow radio informed people about his death early on March 6th.

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Faces of the Soviet Epoch


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Mirny, the Town On the Edge of The Abyss


Mirny is a perfect example of human greed. People once decided that diamonds were beautiful, more beautiful than other stones. And they destroyed earth and polluted rivers and nature for the sake of diamonds.

Mirny town in Yakutia is considered a diamond capital of Russia. It stands on the very edge of a giant hole in the ground. When you get close, it takes your breath away – it is amazing what people are capable of!

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Sport Is Not About Selfies And Protein Smoothies


Do you like sport? What does it mean to you? Do you pay attention to attributes like a comfy shower and hi-tech fitness equipment? Do you like to see yourself in a mirror when you run or lift heavy weights? Or is all you need is a good result and to be in nice physical shape?

All these gyms have been in use since Soviet times, when people had a different attitude to sport in general. Those who come and sweat there do not pay much for gym membership and it’s no surprise that they often have even better results than members of expensive fitness centers.

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