Kazakhstan at 70s

It has been said on some news sites today that people of the village named Gold located in Romania (which is 2000 away from Kazahstan and in Europe) try to sue “Borat” movie creators in court of New York.

They claim that they were told it’s a just a documentary about poverty in Romania, and were shocked when they found themselves in a comedy movie about… Kazakhstan.

I don’t know how big are their odds to win the case, but here are the photos of Kazakhstan 30 years ago, from Soviet archives at Soviet Museum. Soviet chronicles of course tried to tape mostly the merits leaving behind all the poverty etc. Still Kazakhstan even at that time had industry and was famous for its coal mining and cotton production.

Also I’ve read on different websites that Borat is speaking Hebrew to his fellow villagers in the movie trailer.

Kazakhstan, 70s

Kazakhstan, 70s

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Ostankino Tower Above the Clouds

We had here recently shots of Moscow city at night by Letchik Leha, the guy who works as a pilot on a big civil airplane and is fond of making photos right from the plane’s cockpit.

Today some other shots from him.

There is Eiffel tower in Paris, probably the most famous tower in the world. But for most of people living in Soviet Union there was another tower that they knew even better than Eiffel’s one. It was a Moscow city Ostankino Tower.

Standing 1772 feet (540 metres) tall, it was the tallest free-standing structure in the whole world until in 2003 there was build another one, taller, in Canada. Still it is the tallest alone standing structure in Europe and Asia.

This is how it looks from the ground, at night:

ostankino tower

And today we have rare photos by Leha when the tower stands above the clouds:

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Moscow Toilets

If you go travel Russia, visiting Moscow city, would suddenly get an urge for taking some action in a restroom.

Then there are two things you need to remember:

1. All the public restrooms in Moscow charge fee for use. You need to pay something before you can enter, by cash, they don’t accept major credit cards.

2. After you would enter you can encounter something like this:

moscow city toilet

This one is a male restroom in Moscow city downtown.

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