Snow Tuning

snow tuning

In Russia where is a lot of snow in the winter (but not this year!) people can tune their cars using snow.

Those guys take the lonely standing car and make a live snow monument of it. Don’t know if they put some water on it after the job is done to make it more stable.

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Soviet Web 2.0 House

Bright design of nowadays popular websites probably was invented by old Soviet designers.

Because at that time there were no computers they used this design in buildings.

For example this strange building comes from Soviet era, but it looks very stylish now.

Those big icons – they could look nice at any of the modern website probably.

They look so bright because they are not painted but made of ceramic mosaics, so instead of looking pale after so many years passed they look stylish even now 30 years after.

Most of those “Icons” are placed on “Windows”. Is it a bright prophecy for a future domination of icons on Windows?

russian architecture

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