Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

Color Photos of Kiev in 1958

John Shultz has visited Kiev in 1958 and brought back tons of photos. Kiev the capital of Ukraine now, was a Soviet city at one time and also a capital of Ukrainian Socialistic Soviet Republic,one of the Fifteen Soviet States. Those were not just photos but awesome color slides of the city at that time. Very atmospheric in telling the story. Take a look!

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Awesome Castle near Kiev


If you drive near Kiev, Ukraine you probably want to take a look on this fairy tale castle standing near the road. People say that this structure impresses them a lot, when during the routine drive they see such a thing standing not far from the road. Many go and try to have a better look up close – so when they arrive a couple of 10 feet tall (3 meter) statues meet them. See details inside:

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Street Sweeping in Style from Kiev



A street sweeping janitor from one of the neighborhoods of Kiev, Ukraine has been spotted with a pair of white cats sitting on his head and shoulders while he is performing his daily routines. According to the locals this man is sweeping this streets here almost each day and often he comes out to work like this – with cats sitting quietly with, or should we say on him. A couple more photos inside:

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