Communist In Space: Yuri Gagarin In the Headlines of Foreign Press


Yesterday was the Day of Cosmonautics, guys. And Russia does have a reason to be proud of its space achievements and widely celebrates this day. 56 years ago it sounded like something truly incredible! Flight into space! The event grabbed hundreds of newspaper headlines in different countries, they all posted images of Yuri Gagarin – the first man who dared to leave the Earth and fly into the unknown.

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The Soviet Woody


Traditionally all “Moskvich” generations had a commercial modification. “Moskvich” 400 was not an exception. It was produced simultaneously with the van of 400-422 model (later 401-422). Its body, as it was trendy in the 30-40s, was made from wood, but it was not just a tribute to fashion – rather an attempt to adjust to the situation in the post-war USSR.

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The Most Splendid Fancy Dress Ball of the Last Russian Emperor (1903)


On February, 11th and 13th, 1903, when the country was in the hands of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II, there was arranged a fancy dress ball in honor of the 290th anniversary of the rule of the House of Romanovs. It was held in the Winter Palace of Saint Petesburg in two stages. All guests were dressed in splendid “pre-Peter” costumes of the XVII century, made to the design of an artist Sergey Solomko and with assistance of specialists of that historic period.

Great prince Alexander Mikhailovich, first cousin of the emperor once removed, recollected the event as “the final big court ball in the history of the empire”.

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Leningrad In Its Sweet 1961


A western photographer who calls himself on the web as gcosserat is telling about his visit to Leningrad in the early 1960s: “In summer 1961 I was in Helsinki and decided to take a chance and go to Leningrad by a Baltic Line ship for a couple of days. This was the cold war times, when propaganda machines on both sides of the iron curtain convinced people how hard and severe life is over there – “on another side”. And I was impressed to see that people in Leningrad were living their normal life, I was even subconsciously trying to picture things that would strengthen my stereotypes”.

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Lost Colors Restored: Soviet Soldiers of WWII


Olga Shirnina aka Klimbim makes use of unique equipment for colorizing old black and white photos. She restores lost colors and textures by similar ones taken from modern color photos, so her works look natural as if were truly shot in color.

Her favorite epochs for photograph colorizing are two world wars, Russia of early XX century and Hollywood of the 1950s. This publication is devoted to the pictures of Soviet soldiers of WWII.

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