Soulful Illustrations Depicting Life In Russia


When Russians are asked what makes them different from people of other nationalities, they often answer “our soul”. It’s big and deep, and those who leave Russia cannot find it on a foreign land and feel blues about it. This is probably why Russian literature, music, poems and paintings are so soulful. Like these illustrations of a Moscow artist Vladimir Lyubarov who depicts life of simple people with their happy and sad moments.

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Face Slapping Competition For Real Men


The strange competition was held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, as part of the festival Siberian Power Show. We know that face slapping competitions are not unique only to Russia as they take place in other countries, too. But Siberian guys look so calm and confident, when their faces are slapped with all possible strength! This time the winner is Vasily Pelmen (Dumpling), his prize is 30 thousand rubles (460 USD).

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