One of a Kind Vintage Soviet Panoramic Cinema

One of a Kind Vintage Soviet Panoramic Cinema

A vintage Soviet panoramic cinema was found to be still working in Moscow. Here is a story about the place, as told by Irina M. who currently works there. The facility that was built in 1959 included twenty two cinema projectors and twenty two screens running simultaneously. Nine speakers were installed in the floor to create surround sound. Back in 1959., the movies were created with a special rig of synchronised cameras placed in circle. It makes me think of the modern Google maps camera rigs, which are placed on cars. As Irina says, the setup could be placed on top of a car, a boat or even a moving train, and could be controlled remotely.

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Ukrainian Coal Miners Tough Work





After these photos of coal miners getting back from their job were posted, a discussion sprung up in the comments about how much tougher working in a coal mine rather than in an office might be. Some say that the conditions in some coal mines have not changed much since hundred years ago. It is that rough that people have to kneel throughout their entire working day and use the sledgehammers and jackhammers to actually mine the coal. Their whole body gets covered in coal dust. More photos are inside:




It’s not clear if those photos are from Russia or Ukraine, because Ukraine has been cited as the number two coal producer in Europe with more than 145 coal mines across the country – mostly in the Eastern part.

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How Russian BTRs Are Being Assembled

How Russian BTRs Are Being Assembled

Here we get a chance to peek inside the factory that assembles BTRs, Russian military reconnaissance vehicles. It is a military oriented factory, so there is a special controlling unit making sure that you don’t capture in your viewfinder anything they don’t want to be seen, however we did get those photos and I find them pretty interesting.

The assembly of a BTR starts with a fully pre-made body. It comes from a factory nearby, already painted and

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Russian Communal Services Arrived to Crimea


A formation of Russian civil trucks representing different community services has arrived in Crimea today.
It consisted of trucks and buses, such as: firefighter trucks, garbage collection trucks, street cleaning vehicles, city buses and ambulances – more than sixty vehicles in total. All having Russian registration plates and moving towards Sevastopol, the largest Crimean city. These are actual photos and a video of them:

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More Army Movements (Updated)


More movements of army units were spotted through different cities of Russia today. The photos are of the numerous army vehicles moving through Voronezh city. Also, after this post got published, we received some more photos from Astrakhan, where more army units on the move were witnessed. Those photos can be seen below too, and the video is from Kazan where another unit on the move was seen.

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Enthusiast Puts Rubber Mats on Downtown Public Bus Stops


An enthusiastic Krasnoyarsk man, Anton, decided to solve the problem of the slippery icy and snowy surfaces that haunt the bus stops of the 13th largest Russian city, Krasnoyarsk, with a population of over one million people. For this purpose, he uses rubber mats that are equipped with a heater inside. “I decided to do this after I saw the statistics on the accidents of people falling down at bus stops” says the man. As the municipality was pretty skeptical about his approach, Anton decided to invest his own money to complete equipping the pilot bus stop with the mat and the heater. He said it cost him almost $1200 and he was hoping the installation would serve for at least five years.

Here are some pics and also there is an ending to this story inside:

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Rare Photos of Soviet Planes Assembly


I doubt that during the Soviet era such photos could circulate freely because of fear of the theft of technology or industrial espionage. Nick Nilov, a photographer, was one lucky Soviet guy who was allowed to take various photos of the Soviet plane building industry because … he was a designated photographer for the IL Airplanes – one of the largest Soviet airplane builders. Here he shares some rare photos he could take during various stages of the Soviet plane building process. Photos can be clicked on for larger images.

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Pillaged Residence of Ukrainian President

Pillaged Residence of Ukrainian President

You might have already heard the news that the president of Ukraine has fled Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. If not then yes, that is the latest news from Ukraine. His private mansion was left without any guards on site, and people got in freely taking photos and looking around getting more of an idea of how the Ukrainian leader spent his time. Here we see the mansion from outside. It had its own private lake and even a sailing ship. Also other attractions he had there were his private zoo, a 2 pound solid gold coin with his face on it, parts of antique Greek buildings and more. Inside we covered the most interesting parts of his residence:

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