Welcome to Moscow

Welcome to Moscow

In Moscow there is a “Square of Three Railway Stations”, the place where the railroads from tens of destinations meet in one point. Many people come each day to Moscow and sometimes they are met with such a 30ft tall figure wandering around between the cars. To give a loaf of bread with salt for guests is an ancient Russian custom that symbolizes hospitality. So welcome to Moscow!

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Archeological Dig in the Moscow Kremlin

excavations took place near the walls of the Kremlin, Moscow 1

The Kremlin is a historical heart of Moscow. So, every construction project within its precincts or near them is followed by excavations when many archeological finds can be discovered every time. For this once the scientists have dug up several wooden buildings of the fourteenth century. Among them there was jewellery workshop, where they found an icon made from glass, many precious jewels and also tools and instruments of the former owner.

Some photos below.

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Kosh-Agach. The Driest Russian Town

the driest inhabited place in Russian Federation 1

The town Kosh-Agach, situated in Altai republic, was founded by Russian merchants in the far 1820 for trading with the Asian countries. It was the last Russian trade putlet on the path to Mongolia and China, and in the 1880s it even became the Part of China for some time. Now it is the biggest settlement of Altai and the driest inhabited place in Russian Federation. Also it is one of a few places in Russia where people breed camels.

Buy the way, most of the population of the town are Kazakhs, so it’s not a secret that Russia is a multicultural state.

On some pictures you can see the rain – very rare phenomenon for this place.

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