The Raw Deer

Russian people eating raw meat
People of Russian North know that eating food raw, as it is, or better to say as it was in nature, can be very beneficial to your health.

The only problem that the only food during long polar nights available in raw state in these lands is meat and blood – the flesh of the freshly killed deers they breed. So, they eat it as it is – raw and uncooked. People say, that this is the only source of vitamins, especially vitamin C for them, and due to this habit they maintain to survive in severe Northern climates for hundreds of years.

Children participate in such bloody lunches since the early age and perceive the taste of raw flesh and blood in no other words as “Tasty! Delicious! Awesome!” or even “The best thing to eat in whole life”.

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Happy Ticket Cookies

Russian happy ticket cookie

In Russia there is a belief that if you get a ticket while on public transportation or just in movies, and the sum of the first half of the digits of the ticket number match to the sum of the second half, then you are holding a happy ticket, which, if to be eaten promptly, can bring luck to your life. During Soviet times, it was a must to check the ticket when you are in bus and to calculate in mind automatically if it’s good to be considered magical or not, if yes – then to put it in the mouth in one sneaky move so that nobody around could see you doing this, then chew thoroughly and swallow. Thousands of people did this, not just little kids, though the kids were probably the champions by the amount of eaten tickets.

Probably in order to refresh this tradition, Russian Department of Transport has ordered cookies from Russian designers at that were made in a form of a Russian bus ticket, they have numbers on them too, and all the numbers are “lucky”. It has many chances to become popular among people giving them sweet nostalgie feeling about their youth times when they were checking each and every ticket in hope of getting one lucky piece, and to tell their children or grand-children about this during the evening tea.

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Pseudo Goth Church

Russian goth church

In Russia there are no Goth Cathedrals or Churches, just because Russian Orthodox church, the dominating confession are Russia is not a Goth style guys, neither now nor centuries before.

They preferred their original Russian architectural desings or sometimes copied from Eastern church – from Byzantium, modern Turkey, from where this church branch has originated.

But it’s not by chance they say that in Russia East and West meet. Sometimes Russian church architects of the past has built something reminding the goth cathedrals of Europe combined with traditional Russian design elements. Those were called pseudo-goth churches. Here is one of such.

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Great Model of Moscow

Large model of Moscow exhibited

A 1540 square feet (144 square meters) model of Moscow is now being exhibited in one of Moscow exhibitions.
This model has been built in 1988 and is being used for Moscow planing. Each house is a separate piece and from time to time is needed to be cleaned and polished in order to look nice.
If the house being reconstructed in Moscow the same new model house appears on this epic model, same thing happens when new house is being built in Russian capital.
The scale of the model is 1 to 500.

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Jesus Monopoly

Russian Jesus Monopoly Game

In Russia they sell monopoly game devoted to Jesus and 10 commandments.
I am not sure if it is Russian invention, or Western world inspired one, but seems it is.
They have made this game in monopoly style dice-throwing ahead-going bonus getting game. Four children can compete by throwing a dice and trying not to be caught in the trap of one of the deadly sins. The winner is the one who has got bought, no not bought, just got all ten commandments cards in one hand, earlier than anyone else. One can trade his collected commandments cards with other to get better commandments set or just to speculate the commandments set if he has plenty for those who has none. Also according to the rules there are also situations when nobody wins – if the commandments cards are evenly distributed among other and nobody gets all ten everyone in this case considered to be a looser, but the guy with the most of commandments cards is the best player of the set.
The one who has traded most of the commandments cards is considered to be the winner or the most righteous guy of the set.
It’s not quite clear was this game devoted to teach Christianity or to show the flaws of the concept. It is aimed to “children age 8 and older” and is being sold for $2.00 in Russian toy stores.

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