3 Why Do They Say Russia is Similar With Nigeria?

Why Do They Say Russia is Similar With Nigeria?

What can two very different countries have in common, even if they are located on different continents? Why have many people already compared these two
different countries? If you look in more detail, it becomes clear that there are at least some similarities between Russia and Nigeria. Population
1 Secrets of the Moscow Subway

Secrets of the Moscow Subway

Moscow subway was formerly named in honor of Lazar Kaganovich, and then received the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in addition to the military, defense and related national security secrets and secrets that need to be discussed separately,
since the design it is associated with a number of mystical secrets ... One of the biggest mysteries of the Moscow subway is a so-called "Subway 2" or as it is indicated in the official government documents object "D-6".

3 How Russian Golden youth relaxes

How Russian Golden youth relaxes

With the end of the summer, many of us will forget about rest before next summer, but not our "Golden youth", which publishes in full swing photos from hot countries on their pages in Facebook. Further we offer you take a look at how Russian children of millionaires and billionaires have a rest. Yusuf Alekperov 26-year-old son of the President of "Lukoil" is in first place in the ranking of the wealthiest heirs of Russian
billionaires, according to Forbes. His father, Vagit Alekperov, will give him the largest stake of the oil giant. Yusuf's instagram is full of cars of all kinds of steepness. He leads his account under the nickname le_chiffre1 (Le Chiffre is a mathematical genius, a great Poker Player and a dangerous offender, the main villain in J.Bond series "Casino Royale"). June: "Goodbye, Moscow!"

34 What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Russian mind has been haunted by the Moon in all times. Last century it was one of the most significant Soviet
missions - to reach the natural satellite of the Earth and explore it. And the country succeeded.

1 Awesome Russian Village Country Mart

Awesome Russian Village Country Mart

These are the photos from an awesome cozy small Russian village country mart. It operates only in winter when the winter road is being formed thru the forest and the
locals gather in this small wooden log cabins to sell their goodies to the passers by. Just like hundred years ago. Very atmospheric and nice, take a look:

4 Russian Soldiers in Mongolia 1930s-1940s

Russian Soldiers in Mongolia 1930s-1940s

Mongolia had friendly ties with USSR. It was even sometimes called "the sixteenth republic" - implying that it can be a nice addition to existing fifteen parts of the Soviet
state. So Russian army was present there too - before the WW2 and after as well. Here are some shots made by an army officer who served in Mongolia in 1930s-1940s.

21 Ghost Town Under Moscow

Ghost Town Under Moscow

There are many abandoned cities in the world, one of the most notorious is Pripyat near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Empty houses might be seen under Moscow as
well. Russian "Pripyat" is situated fifteen minutes away from the Moscow Ring Road. Look at these pictures, this place is empty, no people live here.

8 Missile Carrying Tu 22 M3

Missile Carrying Tu 22 M3

This March blogger Ivan Stalich was lucky to see flights of missile the carrying Tu-22M3. They landed in
Tolmachevo on their way to the Russian-Tajik training and back. Ivan took the chance and made these photos.

7 Competition of Gunfire Masters 2016

Competition of Gunfire Masters 2016

Another military report from blogger smit-smitty. In Primorye he has visited an elimination round of the all-Russian competition "Gunfire masters-2016". Twelve teams
from all the Eastern military district gathered on the ground field in Sergeevka to demonstrate their skills of shooting from mortars and launchers.

3 Tiksi, Severe Northern Oasis

Tiksi, Severe Northern Oasis

Blogger Ivan Dementievsky has had a long trip this March, Tiksi (Yakutia, Russia) was the final destination. He came there at night
and could not see much, but high snow. At dawn he found out how vast, devastated and lonely the snowy place looked like.

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