2 18 century church burns down in Karelia

18 century church burns down in Karelia

Today in Karelia wooden old church burn down, was a landmark of the region, on the shore Onega
lake, in old town of Kondopoga. It could be an act of arson. Photos and video burn:

2 Typical Karelian Village House in 1940s [photos]

Typical Karelian Village House in 1940s [photos]

Karelia is a part of Russia next to Finland. During World War 2 it was actually occupied by Finnish/Nazi forces for some time and these are photos from that period
that show how the people were typically living at that period of time in this region. Starting with a couple of the village houses standing on the shore.

2 Travelling to Karelia 100 years ago

Travelling to Karelia 100 years ago

100 years ago scientists and anthropologists from St. Petersburg travelled to Russian Karelia - a Northern region bordering Finland on the west. Here are the
photos of people and nature they took while on this trip. The first one is a woman in a boat.  Some photos look like they are from some fairy tale.

0 How Do they Build Wooden Ships in Karelia

How Do they Build Wooden Ships in Karelia

One of the most interesting places in Petrozavodsk is club "Polar Odyssey". A team of true romanticists who are in love with the sea, work here. The club has its own operating fleet, a big part of which are wooden ships, copies of historical sailboats that sailed centuries ago. It would be very interesting to learn how to build wooden ships and how to sail in
them.   "Polar Odyssey" is located in Petrozavodsk, on the shore of Onegskoe Lake. People who are interested in history, or people who want to take pictures, come here. Even if you can’t decide what a shallop is, or what type a boat is, or tell a propeller screw from a propeller, everything there is still very romantic.

1 Winter in Karelia, Russia [20 photos]

Winter in Karelia, Russia [20 photos]

The advantage of tourists over local residents is that one sees everything in a new way, watching open-mouthed, another one indifferently passes by, they had seen
it a hundred times. Here is a village in Karelia, the Russian Finnish region, typical for the whole phenomena of the country, but still different.

12 Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

The Russian city of Petrozavodsk was hit by cyclone Daniella today, which resulted in very heavy snowfalls. In a matter of just a few hours, the city was drowning in snow. Sometimes the snow drifts were as high as 1.5 meters tall. Petrozavodsk is a city with a population of 300,000, and is the capital of the Karelia region bordering
Finland and Norway. It's not a small city, so in an instant, the traffic got stuck. Huge city trolleybuses - electric powered buses - are not meant to go through thick layers of snow on the city streets so they began stopping and blocking the way for others. Let's see how it was thanks to local photographer Igor P.:

5 Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

If you really want to see a lot of old Russian traditional wooden architecture, namely churches and chapels, then for sure you need to visit Karelia. This land borders Finland for over 1,000 km along its length on one side, and like Finland is called
"Land of the Lakes" with over 90,000 small lakes. Since the early times people have lived here and built these beautiful, unique wooden churches. Let's see inside, thanks to the Russian blogger Alexei, who took those awesome photos!

9 Weekend in Karjala

Weekend in Karjala

Hope ya'll having good weekend today. This is an idea of what your weekend could look like if you spend it in some of the tourist attraction areas of Karjala, or Karelia like its being called in Russia - a region next to Finland, it lies to the North East of
St. Petersburg. This one is not exactly in Karelia but on its border, closer to St. Petersburg. Luxury cabins deep inside the local "Taiga" (which means forest). Stables, lots of stuff to see and buy, local foods and vodka. See it yourself:

7 Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive

Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive

These are the pictures from the shipyard in Karelia where unique wood ships are still built. In fact the shipyard is unique too - there is no other place in Russia like this. Here they design and make wood cruising
sailboats, training sailboats, pleasure sail and motor boats, tourist and fishing boats, marine boats of YAL-2, YAL-4, YAL-6 types, recreational rowed and sailed boats, traditional Russian boats.
16 An Ambulance

An Ambulance

An ambulance from the roads of Karelia, Russia. Good thing - calling an ambulance is free for everyone. Another good thing - even this type of vehicle
would transport real doctors to someone in need. Bad thing? The vehicle itself. To see what's inside one of these - look inside this post.

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