Does “Vista” mean “Cock” in Lithuanian?

After the new name for the next generation Windows was announced, people in Russian internet blogs started numerous discussion topics.does hen means vista? The reason for those topics was a newsline submitted by an unknown author that “The word Vista means Hen or Cock” in Lithuanian language. At that time there was no common opinion achieved regarding the matter.

Just because Lithuania was the part of USSR, and it’s only now a separate state, many people there know Russian and even use Russian as their native language. So there were a lot of such rumors comming directly from them.

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How did the Richest Russians become Rich

Here I am going to tell you a story of one country. I guess you’ve heard some facts on its past but I am practically sure you don’t know some exact details. So the country in question is USSR, the country which doesn’t exist now, since 1991.

The topic of the article is connected with richness, but it’s impossible to understand the roots of the problem if not to make a little digression and to learn some facts about USSR. The main thing I want to point your attention at was a fact that in USSR there was no right for private property for individuals. This might seem unbelievable but it’s true. Nobody was allowed to own things greater than his toothbrush or tv-set. Just stop for a second and try to imagine if all the things that you are got used to would become impossible for you to own. You can’t own your house or apartment (apartments in USSR were just registered for a person’s name but belonged to the state). You don’t own your property so you can’t sell it and buy new, you can’t just sell it and get money for it! In USSR nobody could buy a property for himself, property was assigned to a person or to a family by a decision of a local branch of Communist party. And more than that you are not allowed to start a business and to own the things connected with business – you can’t have a shop, a warehouse, a service company, actually only state could own any companies. Tell me, but please honestly, can you imagine yourself living in such a place?

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R. Abramovich, the most wealthiest man of Russia, what cars boats and planes does he have?

boat of abramovich, russian richest man
The most famous Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich lives mainly in London, UK (Englishmen call him Red Rom) . He owns UK soccer team Chelsea and tries to enter UK high society with all his best. He spent more than $100M for buying new players to Chelsea team. There had been rumors among London high society that if Abramovich’s Chelsea would win European Cap the Queen of England would make Roman a knight, so he would be Sir Roman Abramovich. Last time Chelsea failed to do this, despite the huge sums Mr. Roman spends on it, hopefully they would succeed next time and he won’t be sorry about all the investments he made.

Meanwhile let’s see what means of transportation uses Roman Abramovich and his successors in term of financial wealth in Russian hierarchy.

Abramovich has a lot of garages across the world, in Russia in London in USA and in Europe. He has plenty of different cars. The variety of them is also great. There can be found Porche Carrera GT, Aston Martin DB, very special and unique Bentley  Brookland which weights 6250 lbs. But his famous car for business visits is Mercedes S600 Pullman. He takes it everywhere he goes it’s been transported with a cargo plane following him worldwide (as well as presidents of Russia or USA do). Of course this car is heavily armoured. There is one interesting fact:  Roman never travels in one car with his wife, by his words if the car would be hit by some evil missile or bomb or just would get in accident he doesn’t want his 5 kids would loose both parents at once. Wise guy isn’t he? By the way he is only 40 years old. Just a young boy.

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Russian blogger experience on earning $1000 from blogging with just 5 minutes a day with link to his blog.

This is a blog post of a Russian blogger, who managed to hit the TOP rated sections of,, and other such websites everyday, with the articles he created daily. He managed to earn with Google AdSense and his blog some amount starting from zero. So here is the article, translated for your reading pleasure.

Once a year I am getting obsessed with an idea of getting some money from nothing. This year this obsession got me in spring. As you all know this is not my first year I earn my money in internet. Previously I used normal business schemes “Do something – Get paid”. Previously I was paid for thinking out web domain names, for promoting some software, for writing down press releases and so on. This was not interesting for me now.

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36.6 Looks to Buy EMC Clinics

36.6 pharmacy russiaThe drugstore chain 36.6 is in final negotiations to buy the European Medical Center, a spokeswoman for the medical center said Thursday.

The deal would put the European Medical Center and the European Dental Center under the control of one of the most visible pharmacy chains in the country.

EMC spokeswoman Anastasia Karpova confirmed the medical group was in negotiations to be sold to 36.6, but said she would not be able to provide any additional information until a deal was finalized.

Andrei Slivchenko, director of corporate finance and investor relations at 36.6, declined to comment on a possible acquisition of EMC. He said the company had a policy of not commenting on negotiations until a deal is struck.

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