Powerful UralMash: a City In The City

Powerful UralMash: a City In The City

“UralMash” (Ural Plant of Heavy Machinery Construction) is situated in Yekaterinburg. It is one of the largest in Russia. Put into operation in 1933. Nowadays the plant produces equipment for a mining complex, metallurgy, cement industry, energy industry, lifting-transport, hydroturbine and other equipment. About 14 thousand of employees work at the plant.

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Milky Business

Milk Production 1

A stud farm “Irmen” is situated in a village Verkh-Irmen of the Novosibirsk Region. The main business line of the farm is production and processing of grain, milk and meat. In the commercial output structure milk takes 50%, meat – 16% and grain – 16%. “Irmen” occupies the third place in Russia and the 1st place in the Novosibirsk region in the top list of the most efficient enterprises producing milk.

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