Russian Anti-Coca-Cola Calendar

Russian Anti Coca-Cola

In Russia they started selling anti-Coca-Cola calendars. The reasons for this are not very clear. Here is it. It’s being made in Soviet stylistics.

The cover reads “Chemistry or Life?”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 2


Russian Anti Coca-Cola 3

“Let’s hit it!”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 4

“Not a single drop!”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 5

“Way to degeneration”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 6

“Dealer is the worst enemy!”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 7

“Stop while it’s not too late!”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 8

“The sad end”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 9


Russian Anti Coca-Cola 10

“With such a shackey foundation
You can not build a steady life
No matter how strong you are!”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 11

“Enemy of the mind”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 12

“Sin we’ve not seen!”

Russian Anti Coca-Cola 13

“Together we’ll overcome!”

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108 thoughts on “Russian Anti-Coca-Cola Calendar”

  1. The motives could be very clear…

    1) Russia does not want to follow the pattern of America in its obesity rates by drinking an American product that most surely contributes to the obesity epidemic…

    2) While Coke does contain A LOT of sugar and has not a drop of nutrition value, there is a lot of hype out there that Coke dissolves a pound of meat in 12 hours, people clean toilets and carburetors with it, etc. and the Russians could have “bought into” a lot of that hype much like the Americans have.

    3) Coke really is chemistry and I do believe Diet Coke, while does not directly contribute to weight gain, does contain chemicals that are harmful, dangerous, and possibly addicting.

    While I commend Russia for starting this “campaign” to promote a healthier beverage, I think the drink that causes the most danger in Russia is Vodka. I believe Russia’s alcoholism is far more dangerous than any Coke product.

    • OMG Russians are soo poor! CocaCola is considered a luxury drink in poverty stricken Russia. Besides, Russians are severly malnourished and the sugar in Coke is known to provide much needed starch and carb to poor starving Russians. Instead of complaining about CocaCola Russians needs to say thank you for once to this great American Company once and for all 🙁

  2. It’s not about the drink its about the corporation. They assassinated 8 union leaders and tortured countless employies in South America. On the other hand Vitamin Water does have 33g sugar.

  3. Where the heck can I get my hands on one of these calendars? Any ideas?

    What’s the logo and tagline that you removed from your version of the photos? Is that a competing beverage company or something else?

  4. It’s not propaganda, come on! ITS JUST DESIGN!!!



  5. I like the old school design.

    Indeed, in Russia beer is considered a soft drink by the kids and consumed in enormous quantities. More harmful than Coke.

    Average lifespan of a Russian male : 56 years. Beer and vodka are contributing the most to this 3rd world level. Not coke.

    Better still, don’t drink any of these.

    • Max… are you still self-harming? Look, I do understand just how difficult it is living with depression from personal experience. But don’t worry, there is help. It’s just that you must realy want to help yourself first, and stop senseless this self-denial.

      But I do have faith in you friend. Perhaps one day the glass will be half full for you too.

  6. OMG no wonder Russians don’t want to drink Coca Cola they are afraid they will end up like poor trash Americans, disgustingly overweight! 🙁

    • “they still use leaded gas”

      No, they don’t.

      “alcoholism saturates every layer of society, and is considered “tradition””

      Opinionated drivel.

      “the children drug abuse problem is either one of the worst in the world, or is the worst in the world.”

      Nope, drug use has definately increased since Soviet era because it was non-existant then, but drug use is still far higher in America and other countries.

      “environmental pollution was always abysmal.”

      Legacy of the Soviet era. Didn’t happen in pre-Soviet times, and Russia can’t instantly reverse seven decades of Soviet practices (nor can it afford to instantly switch over to costly “green” technologies).

    • I meant to post that last comment above but anyway most people on this site make fun of russia so there is no need to say sorry.Even I am not always serious.

  7. This calandar is like old soviet propaganda posters I have seen on this site.I wonder if a non cola company like sprite is behind it.Just say NO to coke!

  8. I would really like to have one of these calanders too!
    This is so IMPORTANT to me I think I’ll get serious and even try to spell correctly. When I first looked at these pictures I thought of the old Coke, which really did have cocaine in it once. I have never heard anything about the owners of Coke actually killing union leaders, (my husband is a shop steward for the woodworks local so of course I’m pro union), but I myself can’t drink Coke or Pepsi because they make me SICK. I’m gluten intollerant* and the ‘carmel color’ is made from wheat. The sweetener is corn surup: it’s bad because it’s processed with mercury. But the artificial sweetener aspritame is much worse. If you don’t have the right juices in your gut to break it down it becomes a very dangerous poison – a neurotoxin. If I drink a can of this stuff I not only get cramps, I get a horrible headache that’s so bad that I’m unable to focus my eyes for a day or two. I’m not joking. Processed food in this country is killing us all. If you look at the number of people here in the USA with diabetes and cancer it’s obvious we have an epidemic problem – with our food. My advice to any one who wants to eat healthy: support your local farmers – or if you have some land plant a garden and get into animal husbandry.

    Thanks for the soap box – I really hope this helps someone.

    *For the person who’s gluten intollerant or ‘Celiac’ the ‘glue’ of grains as it leaves the stomach actually tears out the lining of the small intestine, (it’s stringy yellow & bubbly looking in the toilet), that’s the part that absorbs nutrient. When the gut is unable to absorb nutrient the body is hungery again.

    • CJ

      you are correct: Coke killing union leaders, spying on the world, killing children?!?! I don’t think so.

      BUT I think they are correct in launching an anti-Coke campaign for the health of their public. I do believe Coke is in a large part responsible for the obesity problem in the US. There is absolutely no nutritional reason to drink Coke or diet Coke for that matter. Massively obese people (500+ pounds) seem to LIVE on Coke, they drink it like it’s going out of style. Yet most adult Americans believe that Coke is what you are SUPPOSED to drink. Why? “It tastes good” So does just about anything else; fruit juice, vegitable juice, milk, water etc.

      I gave it up 15 years ago and don’t miss it at all.

      • “I do believe Coke is in a large part responsible for the obesity problem in the US”

        you really cannot be serious can you….. if

      • heatmiser: Please tell me you’re not serious, “most adult Americans believe that Coke is what you are SUPPOSED to drink,” no adult in any country in their right mind would think that they’re supposed to drink coca-cola. Also, it’s not solely responsible for obesity, but it definitely contributes.
        The diets of many, many people in first-world countries consist of plenty of foods and beverages that destroy their bodies.. Not because they think they’re supposed be consuming those things, but because they enjoy them and consume them without considering consequences. And another thing: why are you so strictly set on the United States? Coca-cola is a worldwide corporation and there are many other nations whose population consist highly of overweight and obese persons. I think this is leading to rambling, ending now.

        • I simply meant that most American adults prefer Coke to water. Watch people in a restaurant, if they are not drinking beer or wine, they are most likely drinking Coke.

          I also didn’t say it’s soley responsible for obesity, I said “largely”. A little different. I agree that there are plenty of of other foods and beverages that “destroy their bodies”.

          Drink Coke if you want, I do not care. I’m just saying you’d be better off without it fatty.

          Having said that: I will admit that on the rare occasion that I go to McDonalds I drink Coke. Nothing goes with a Quarter Pounder Cheese and Fries like a large Coke! As long as I’m taking in all the bad fats and salts in a QPC/Fries I may as well go all the way. But otherwise I usually drink water. So there!

  9. Everybody, Miss India is just baiting you. He does it every post, takes both sides and enjoys the reaction that it creates.

    He will suffer for his actions when he dies.

    • ))) Actually Coca Cola is on sale in Russia. Too much. Thought I think many people refuse it. It is not fashionable 🙂

  10. Дадададада!
    Это noblackman всё подстроил!
    Он преступник! Голактеко опасносте!!!!11111111

  11. “they still use leaded gas”

    No, they don’t.

    “alcoholism saturates every layer of society, and is considered “tradition””

    Opinion drivel.

    “the children drug abuse problem is either one of the worst in the world, or is the worst in the world.”

    Nope, “drug abuse” has increased since Soviet era when it was non-existant but drug use is still far higher in America and other countries.

    “environmental pollution was always abysmal.”

    Legacy of the Soviet era.

  12. “they still use leaded gas”

    No, they don’t.

    “alcoholism saturates every layer of society, and is considered “tradition””

    Opinion drivel.

    “the children drug abuse problem is either one of the worst in the world, or is the worst in the world.”

    Nope, “drug abuse” has increased since Soviet era when it was non-existant but drug use is still far higher in America and other countries.

    “environmental pollution was always abysmal.”

    Legacy of the Soviet era.

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  14. This design was created by Russian ad agency Great for the beverage company Deka which produces Nikola Kvass. Nikola bottles are shaped much like Coke bottles, so the resemblance to Coke may have been used ironically by the designers but was not the main part of the message.

    Translate, then read about it here:

    Here are the art credits:
    Creative Group – Alexander Ishukov, Andrew Mordovtsev, Irina Elistratova, Yefim Ponomarev, Love Izmailova
    Account Manager – Eugene Nikitinskaya

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  16. Very pathetic calendars! Both by design and by the message they have. Coca-Cola is capitalist blood sucking company that will try to do anything to squeeze last coin from consumer. They will try to do anything to make you drink more and more, even while you sleep.

    But still, there are much worst addiction that should deserve attention of calendar publisher, than CC.

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  19. This calendar is a fun just for first look…
    Actually, those pictures are simply Photoshoped anti-alcoholism (anti-vodka) soviet era placards, where bottles of vodka submitted by the bottles of Coke.
    So, this calendar is a part of modern era Putin’s brainwashing machine which use methods and forms of the soviet anti-alcoholism and anti-western propagandas…
    ..They want to kill two birds by one stone…
    And I think they (KGB) can be successful here on this way…
    They will create more alcoholics for Russia, as well as more Homo-Sovieticus for our poor civilization.
    ..There is already a huge number of those dumb “sovieticus” living in Russia…
    ..Just look at this forum… How many of them even here in Thirty percents? Fifty?

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  23. coke is a huge part of the AMERICAN culture. our whole lives we grow up with this as did our grandparents. i think it is unamerican not to at least appreciate the coca cola tradition. but on a design level this is beautiful, i kind of want one just for point of reference when i am doing design work

  24. I saw a Mythbusters episode on tv about Coke and it did a good job at removing rust.But it did not disolve a nail very well or remove stains from clothes.

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  30. 2Toby1: if you drink too much alchohol, as most Russian do here, you may know, how wrong are you.
    some drinks things, than can bring in fear you. in fact even some specealists fall in shock[toxicologists, narcologists and etc].
    and you must [start]fear from now – because almost nothing can stop those men. yes, even headshots. even a series of headshots[there nothing to kill].

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  35. I drink green tea, clean water, and dont dring any soda drink, even beer in our times is produced with chemicals 🙁
    Coca cola is drink for people who like to watch promotion on TV.

    • Every drink (with the exception of water,) natural or man made, has chemicals in it. Beer, no matter what time period in which it was made, is made with chemicals. Fermentation is a chemical reaction.

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  38. Wow! It’s so good. Thanks. I live in Russia, but I never see this pictures. And I agree with the pictures: Coca Cola is not healthy drink. Drink natural juices. 🙂 We can’t buy the health, so we have to care about ourselves 😀

  39. Coca-cola symbolizes the capitalist ethos, obviously some in Russia would be opposed to that, look at the conflict between coca-cola management and labour in Colombia, coca-cola are a major enemy of organized labour and the workers’ classes and I think that’s what we see represented in these pictures.

  40. Coke is really bad for you. I used to drink a lot and was addicted. My stomach hurt when I drank it, finally I stopped 6 months ago. Now I drink Nestea Forest fruit and I am much healthier.

  41. Wow, this is great. Not only beautiful but meaningful too. I’ve been boycotting Coka Cola products ever since I realized what dirty business they’re into.

    Where can one buy this calendar?

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  43. 🙂 to 76 nowhere 🙂 there had never been such calendars, that’s just a joke

    Мы все равно поработим весь мир.

  44. It is widely known by older auto mechanics in America that Coca-Cola can be used to unlock an engine that has siezed due to rusting. I have done this myself and can attest that it is true. In the future, drinking this liquid garbage will be looked upon like treating syphillus with mercury….

  45. Ha ha ) while the whole world is addicted by coca – cola , russian engeneers and mechanics use coca – cola for their work, for example to clean of the rust or corrosion from the details, because coke has such chemicals that takes it off. Than imagine what can happen with your stomack ? ))

    Coke is really bad drink and it destroys your stimack and all the stomack or connected to that functions.

    Russian people do not eat so much all this unhealthy food, because they know what IS real healthy food. And they also don`t shy to COOK for themselves.

    Ty my mind it is better to skip the food time rather than to eat in MCdonalds restuarants.

    The other thing is , that sometimes I do go to MCdonalds and drink coke as well , just because I have a willing to eat something unhealthy.

  46. These are old anti alcohol propaganda posters that have been photoshopped to make a joke calender.

    and by the way I was in Minsk Belarus 4 months ago, Aug 2009, and there is leaded gasoline for sale

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