8 thoughts on “Huge Investment in Vain”

    • NATO? Russia could wipe NATO off the planet if liked.

      Larry Johnson, ex-CIA analyst, on what’s really going on in Ukraine:


      Maybe don’t go to that site – you’ll experience serious butthurt. Or just continue to live in your imaginary world.

      • Russia is having trouble seizing and maintaining control of two cities in Ukraine let alone a full-scale conflict with NATO. Thanks to this war it turned out that russia (specially with lowercase letter) is really a stinking shit and not the second world army ahhahahah

  1. I know of another ‘investment in vain’, too.
    20,900 young men, who cares how many incompetent generals all dead and fertilizing the Ukraine. The sunflower crop will be beautiful this year. All that gopnik nitrogen!

    No remembrance stones either. Seems your vaunted government doesn’t want the bodies back.
    That way, they don’t have to paid out benefits. Gotta’ watch the bottom line, you know.

  2. Latest News on Moskva;

    Seems like all the officers were rescued and some 37 crew but the rest are missing.
    14 mph wind, less than 1 meter waves, almost all the life rafts deployed, CS guns didn’t
    work, no or little fire suppression, but all the officers were rescued. My question is “Why
    did they bother?”

    You just can’t find good help anymore.

  3. Russian Army intercept: “They gave me a medal. 25 civilians were driving on a bus. Killed them all. – Yeah? And I met a girl. Want to ask her out. Haha. A Ukrainian. Sits in the basement, tied to a chair.”


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