4 thoughts on “Unusual Residents of Saint-Petersburg”

  1. What a bunch of crap!

    But this isn’t …. Russian cruiser Moskva has been promoted to submarine.
    Courtesy of Ukrainian missiles.
    Slava Ukraine

  2. The beasts look normal.

    It’s the rest of the place that looks like a decaying civilization. Instead of pissing Billions of $$$$ away on a senseless killing of civilians in the Ukraine, why not put the money into rebuilding the cities in Russia?

  3. But they are so proud of their heroic army shooting civilians, children and elderly Nazis in Ukraine. It is Russian national pride. It may cost Russia trillions in the end, wipe out their army and become pariah of the world, but that for that pride it is worth it all. And that Putin, isn’t he a super man? None better! Same thing as Germans used to say about Adolf Hitler.


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