Evils of Politicians in the Satirical Art of Semen Skrepetsky

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An American artis of the Russian origin Semen Skrepetsky is a master of satirical art who focuses on human sins. He exposes atrocity, greed, lie, passion for power and other negative human qualities. And it naturally comes that Semen uses images of politicians to demistrate those qualities.

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7 thoughts on “Evils of Politicians in the Satirical Art of Semen Skrepetsky”

  1. I’d spell it “Semyon” in an English speaking country, myself. I can see a few of the usual suspects but is second to last Rishi Sunak, British Chancellor?

  2. Why are there so much Nazi-tattoos at his arm (black suns, odal rune)? Thought there are no Nazis in Russia 😉


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