6 thoughts on “Beauties of the 1950s – 1970s”

  1. These young women got to grow up.

    But Russian soldiers are hunting Ukrainian children in the ruins of Meritopol while they brag of ‘children safaris’ to their wives.

    Kudos to finding a new low in human behavior. We always knew Russians were capable of it.

  2. Based on Russian conduct in Ukraine just now, all those women were probably raped at one time or another.
    There are few armies more nékulturny right now…

  3. Stop the bullshit against Russia, the problem comes from the muppet that got put in Kiev, with desires to allow USA nukes via NATO to be at 700km of Moscow center.

    All those happy faces, comes from the USSR, not from the NATO “friendship”.

    • Your nuclear warhead missiles are 300 km from my country’s capital, and I am not hysterical about it. For you, every reason is good to plunder and murder. You never wanted to be part of the civilized world, and you will not continue to do so. What you are doing in Ukraine proves that you are uncivilized hordes of barbarians, the world will remember you as orcs.


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