5 thoughts on “Bad Day For the Garbage Truck”

  1. Who gives a shit about this….show some picture of all the dead civilians laying on the streets of the Ukraine killed by Russian soldiers. Your ignoring the raped women, dead children, leveled cities in the Ukraine! How can you just go on with life as usual while Russian are committing war crimes!!

    • You don’t have to come here, you know, you can stay on US mass media sites and discuss which Marvel movie hero you think the clown Zelensky most resembles.

  2. Russian soldier in Ukraine calls his wife;

    “we are being smashed like kittens…”

    ‘??????????’ was the exact word used.

    Warms my heart.

  3. Due to recent losses of transport, this vehicle was to have been
    sent to Ukraine.

    Driver will be now sent to gulag.


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