4 thoughts on “Winter Fishing at Lake Baikal”

  1. Water reminded me of this.

    Did you know?

    Putin’s recently seized yacht ($700,000,000+/-) cost more than the Orsk warship that sunk in Berdyansk ($400,000,000+/-)

    Photos of 18 yr-old Russian conscripts captured in Ukraine now available.
    Get yours soon.
    Could be your son.
    That could even be good news – better captured than cannon fodder.

  2. Proud you be,
    and unknowing.
    But the blood you have spilled in the Ukraine,
    will haunt your days and nights.
    Your name will be cursed for centuries,
    and your children will bear your shame.

  3. The war against Ukraine really started when Putin stole Robert Kraft’s Superbowl ring from him; just took it, had his security guard surround himself and walked out.

    After seeing how easy it was, he took parts of Ukraine and followed it up with Crimea. That’s the trouble with these arrogant, little-minded men, they don’t have any values.

    Best to be put down.


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