36 thoughts on “Russia Accepts Refugees From Donbass, Ukraine”

      • Russia’s sole objective is to end the existential crisis that was created by Washington. It was Washington that encouraged NATO to pump Ukraine full of lethal weapons. It was Washington that provided arms for the far-right extremists that were threatening ethnic Russians in east Ukraine. It was Washington that coaxed Ukrainian President Zelensky to jettison Minsk and to publicly support the development of nuclear weapons. It was Washington that launched the coup in 2014 that deposed the democratically-elected president and replaced him with a US-puppet. And, it was Washington that has done everything in its power to isolate and demonize Russia following provocations that were entirely of its own making. In short, it was Washington that held a gun to Russia’s head and threatened to blow its brains out.

        Can’t you see that or are you so brainwashed you think this fiasco started when Putin’s tanks rolled across the border? Even the most avid CNN propagandist doesn’t believe that nonsense. The crisis began with the relentless buildup of weaponry followed by one calculated incitement after the other. Russia was deliberately and repeatedly provoked. No one who’s followed events closely would dispute that.

        • You have big problems with reality. Do not watch only Russian television. Ukraine is an independent state and no one has the right to violate its borders. Your arguments sound like Hitler’s arguments. So I hope you finish like Hitler. Amen.

    • If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, maybe this would be the best time for you to keep quiet?

      NATO has nothing to do with this; Russia is trying to dictate its neighbours on what they can, and more importantly what they cannot do, making sure their own bullish behaviour creates “fear” and sets the agenda in the region.

      Not surprised about the Eastern oblasts that have ethnic Russian populations being “taken” over by Putin just like he did in Crimea.

      Putin lied about not wanting to invade Ukraine, and having already made a deal – on the side – with the separatist to declare new independent republics was the perfect reason to “help” out. Peace keeping missions he called it.

  1. Putin trying to go down in history as the biggest chode on the earth. Biden is little b*tch

    No one of any intelligence wants war. Putin just wants a road to Crimea that he is illegally occupying.

    ????? ???????!

  2. How sad, poor peaple, poor toys in game between idiots of Ukrain and his blagarodie Vladolf Putler, I am so glad, that Czechoslovakia was not split in such stupid way as Ukrain.

  3. Wouldn’t need this place of Russia were to leave Ukraine alone and not pursue war crimes. Putin is communist….Oh, we already know that. He’s no different than the scum before his time.

  4. As usual, when our “leaders” can’t sit down and solve problems through negotiation, the ordinary people get to pay the price.
    Usually, the bill is paid in blood; and it is never the blood of the “leaders”.
    Who in Russia, or Ukraine, or USA or anywhere else wants another war?
    Follow the money.
    Sleepy Joe Biden didn’t get rich by being a smart businessman.

  5. If my first comment was somehow inconvenient for you then sorry for that, any way, you can´t erase fact, that Russia takes really wrong direction and the only solution of present situation is to send Vladimir Vladimirovich to retirement and find someone more politically realistic, because the number of those poor innocent people like pictured above will be still increasing and not from Ukrain only. Your president is basically not bad guy, he just lost sense of reality and not to wonder, when so many years on abssolut power he is all the time analyzing what kind of game and who plays with him either on home playground and/or worldwide … nothing special, human history is full of such storys.
    This is not hate speach, this is presentation of my honest opinion. Good luck to peoples of Russia and Ukrain !

  6. I can understand the reasons why the russian leaders act like they do…if i would rule a Super-Power like Russia and every made promise concerning Nato-East-Extension was broken (“No, there will be no extension to the east by Nato (1989), then Poland jpoined the NAto, then Romania and Bulgaria, then Czeck, Slovakia, Hungaria, the blatic states…and Ukraine would be the next country to join…think what happened when russia tried to install rockets on Cuba…or think about what would happen if Mexico and China make a military treaty and could install military bases in Mexico…how would the USA react???
    I do not approve the way Putin acts right now, but i can understand in some ways…

    • russia aint superpower any more (GDP nr 11th in the world, as big as Brazil or Australia) and most important- russia has nothing better to offer to its neigbours than corrupt system and threats. On this basis it is natural, that neighbours tend to lood at other directions. Russians are capable of much better…

  7. Russia is our hero!
    They kill women and children and bomb hospitals because that is what is good for them.
    Because if you don’t you will be arrested.

  8. In my opinion, both Russia and Ukraine are wrong.
    Couldn’t Ukraine have imagined the consequences of Russia wanting to join NATO? Unfortunately, in the end it is the people who pay the bill, while bad politics will go unpunished. I am sorry for what happened.

  9. Watching Russian media coverage of war in Ukraine gives good example of how controlled Russian media is to this day. Russians are being spoon fed Putin BS. Russians may have some sort of democracy but they sure don’t have a free press.

  10. In 1949, NATO was established. In 1954, the Soviet Union applied to join NATO, which was rejected by the United Kingdom and the United States. Gorbachev also discussed joining NATO with President Bush in 1990, but was also declined. Yeltsin also applied to join NATO, but was rejected. Even Putin asked to join NATO twice, and you should know it as a result.
    NATO or the United States once promised that it would never expand eastward after the collapse of the Soviet Union. So what are the facts? What do you want a hostile superpower to do when the basic sense of trust doesn’t exist?
    If China and Mexico form a military alliance and are hostile to the United States. A few years later, almost all South and Central American countries also joined this military alliance, and a few years later, Canada also decided to join this military alliance system and was also hostile to the United States. After more than 10 years of non-stop discussions between the United States and Canada, Canada is still determined to join this military alliance. What do you think America will do? Do you think the United States will sit still to die at this time?
    What did the world do when the United States invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? The US and UK who committed war crimes and murders and those who also invaded these countries, what were they sanctioned for? Are they now the defenders of democratic freedom? Did the Iraqis invite them there? Or have the Afghans invited them to be a guest? Don’t be naive! Truth exists only within the range of a cannon.

  11. I wish to Usa that Mexico “has the right”to turn missiles aginst Texas California and New York . Its a frre country ? Oh, not ? who rules Mexico ? USA rules governments in Mexico but if it was different, USA could accept a country which has common borders to be in enemy block and having hostile weapons so close ?
    Let’s hear the other side , the russian side , and see that NATO and its servants , European countries, circle around one country that they want to divide in pieces and conquer it ïn the American way”. Turkey invaded Cyprus by the permission and by the will of US , turskish army slaved greekcypriots and killed a lot, they proclaimed ïndependent”the occupied nosthrn part and THEY ARE OK. They are beloved partners of USA, Germany and England . Putin maybe is not 100% democratic INSIDE his country, neither Biden (or …Trump) IS, he doesnt want to conquer countries but NATO countries doesn’t respect russian people , they cut off space AROUND Russia which means strategy to kill Russian people, to divide the land , to occupy territories.
    The shameful European action to give wapons to Zelesnski Comedian PUSHES things to a limit with no return for all humanity. They participate OFFICIALLY in the war.
    And its a fact that all these shameful actions concerning russian athletes and musicians REVEAL a NEW RACISM against ANYTHING concerning Russia, it;s seems that the so called “west” find “new Jews to exterminate to hate to blame them for all the bad things on Earth. Russian people [namely russian communism] that deliberated Europe from nazism has memories and dignity that USA cannot understand and cannot EVER reach.
    Italy my country is against war , against invations in any nation. against NATO, against dirty methods of war industries that choose presidents for ruling the countries. I WISH PEACE IN EUROPE WITHOUT NATO WITHOUT FOREIGNERS LIKE AMERICANS.

    • Because of NATO (and US in particular) you are able to vomit your opinions here without the risk of ending up in a prison and for not experiencing the Golden Age under commies. Because of US and their system you have the keyboard in your hand and a smartphone in a pocket. We, who experienced communism brought by russian tanks and lost territories to Imperial Russia and USSR, and were invaded (or passed over) many times in the last 300 years, know exactly what we want: nothing to do with the russian government (and belive me it’s the same for other “colonies” of EU and NATO in the east). Not the russian people, the russian government and it’s siloviki that rob the russian people. Or do you think that Russia, the wealthiest country on earth, has the same gdp like Italy, despite having 3 times the population, because of NATO? Ask the lipovans how they feel about russian leadership and why they left their homes for “Imperialist Romania”, as Russia’s ambassador calls us.
      But don’t worry my friend, after the dust from the mushrooms (hopefully not) will be settled those who will live will have another discussion and I think that after that there won’t be many like you supporting criminal regimes. Ask romanians, poles and other like us about communism and censorship and you might get a spit on your face.
      God bless us all and bless and help the russian people in these dark hours to get rid of the system brainwashing them, learn their true history, accept it with the good and the bad, stop looking at the west like to the enemy for we do not see russians as our enemy and bury Lenin. Then start a new chapter by asking for forgiveness for those who suffered from them: romanians, lithuanians, latvians and other killed and deported in Siberia and replaced by russians, poles for killing them, circassians for exterminating them and so on, and after that we will start to love russian leadership. Until then give us gas and we will pay you fair and that’s it.
      Salut?ri din Romania.

  12. And by the way: why didn’t mr. Putin say that all the ucrainians wanted to flee from the nazist regime in Kiev are welcomed in Russia? Why he didn’t say that Russia will offer shelter and food for all their ukrainian brothers, no matter what part of the Ukraine they are in, fleeing from war?

  13. To this date, just my small country Czech Republic (10 million inhabitants) accommodate more than 100 thousand refugees from Ukraine – mostly women, children and the elderly. And the number of refugees is growing every day. There are many more Ukrainian refugees in Poland and a large number in Slovakia. Putin is a criminal who drove these people out of their homes a broke their families. I do hope Putin will be tried as a war criminal.


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