24 thoughts on “How Does a Modern Communist Girl Look Like?”

  1. Look definitively like an inflatable doll! All is wrong the hair color, the lips shape,etc .
    Maybe made with the aid of capitalist “paint shop”.

  2. Is it my imagination, or does she look like one of those Japanese AI plastic mannequins that we can buy online for entertainment purposes?
    Certainly, she does not look like a real human being.
    Instead she does look like an advertisment for plastic surgery, botox and cosmetic camouflage.

  3. HEY LADIES! You know what? When you have those bee-sting lips, and you wear enough makeup
    to paint a barn, it doesn’t matter what your political affiliations are: THAT IS NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!
    NO, IT’S NOT!!!
    (That also goes the same for the stupid tattoos and body piercings.)

  4. Just like most Americans, everybody has forgotten (or been brainwashed) into romanticizing the communist epoch of the USSR when only a very few were allowed to have anything. The majority of the soviet people were only allowed to have just enough to survive. And we won’t go into the millions that the soviet system murdered.

  5. The silicone industry thanks you for your massive purchase.

    You are now eligible for a free butt job. Call your local representative.


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