9 thoughts on “Comfort of Ryazan Buses”

  1. in all fairness, I’m in Britain, I live on the edge of a town and although our buses are pretty smart they are astonishingly rare,
    I’ve a bus stop outside my home but only one bus a day visits it so it’s almost pointless,

    I’d prefer a shabby, well used bus every hour instead of a fancy bus once in a blue moon.

    it’d be interesting to have some data to go with the bus in these pictures, how many years in service, how many hours in use, how many passenger kilometres of service provided?
    it looks like that bus has earned it’s cost several times over, public transport is one of the things that can underpin and support a local economy, keep transport cost low and the service frequent and reliable and you stimulate the economy and keep costs and wages reasonable,

    if I have to buy and run a car becaause I can’t use public transport to get to and from work it means I have to demand higher wages, my employer has to increase the cost of his goods and services, consumers have to pay more,
    if I can’t afford to run a car, I can’t get to work and the whole economy grinds to a halt.

    this bus, illustrated, deserves retirement, but it’s wear and tear show it’s value already given.

  2. oh please, do not generalize, it is just one bus, pretty awful though, they are upgrading public transportation all over the country in recent years, but what can still run, well


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