Moscow Citizens as Dolls

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Designers created a set of toy figurines of typical Moscow citizens. For example, an intellectual from Khamovniki district with kets from his apartmant in the center of the capital, a fashionista from China Town, a citizen who lives beyond MKAD with commuter train tickets, a girl from Patriarshiye Ponds with a Louis Vuitton bag and others.

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Moscow City Conquerer – an office employee from Moscow City who comes with a Friday hoodie and a poke lunch.

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Intellectual from Khamovniki who comes with a dog, keys from an apartment in the center of Moscow and a cap

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A Girl from the district of Patriarshiye Ponds who comes with a ticket to Dubai, a glass of red wine and a LV bag

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A citizen who lives beyond MKAD, who comes with public transport tickets and a plastic bag but with no documents

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Urban fashionista from China Town who comes with HQD, a coffee cup and a stylish backpack


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