15 thoughts on “Lost Generation?”

  1. Yes these gopniki do have a chance to be good people. Just slow down on the drinking, smoking and hanging with the loser friends.

  2. Unfortunately, these lost souls are not only in Russia.
    The very same decline is occurring in the “West” as well.
    When our children have no purpose and see no future, we are lost.
    Our civilization is rapidly heading into very dark times.

  3. I don’t think they do much more stupid things that we were doing at their age…
    When you start your life, you have to test all!
    Yes some will have a big headache in the morning and will drink and smoke less next time.

  4. This is no damn good!
    Such beautiful young children getting off to the worst possible bad habits life has to offer. Please! children! don’t waste any more time or money on smoking, drinking, or sex before marriage. Your body, mind & soul (in good working order) is absolutely priceless at all times it’s everything you’ve got, keep it all in pure condition. Furthermore, you represent yourself everywhere you go at all times, you create a history of yourself that maybe hard to erase.

  5. Versus what? Children under anglo saxon rule learning about homo sexuals, pooping the bed and aids, or getting sex changes and becoming serial killers?

    You guys haven’t entered nutso world yet.


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