4 thoughts on “Lovely Russian Wooden Houses”

  1. I’m fascinated by timber architecture,
    this stuff pre-dates the fossil fuel era and will likely be resurrected as fossil fuels run down, no need for cement works, brick kilns or concrete,

    the fact that some of these timber buildings in Russia and also around the world, pioneer built stuff in the US for example, have survived across the fossil fuel era shows how long they can last and also how brief fossil fuel dominance may prove to be in the long span of human history.

    don’t let the techniques of building with wood die out, we might start needing them again pretty soon!

    • Hey Matt, oil is not a fossil fuel. Its natural to this planet and is formed by gases at great pressure, forty miles below the surface. Dinosaurs had nothing to do with oil. This was partly discovered by a Russian scientist….Dmitri Mendeleev….its called abiotic , check google. Oil companies try to scare people with their scarce propaganda to keep prices high.
      Many oil wells such as in Saudi Arabia refill all by themselves. But yes, some oil wells will run out but it takes hundreds of years.

  2. Maybe some day we will once again put a high value on such beautiful unique & artistic expressions in our communities in the form of home construction.
    Today’s styles just seem too plain & mundane.


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