10 thoughts on “Schtirlitz Comes to Turkey”

  1. It appears to be this guy, who is fictional:


    “Max Otto von Stierlitz is the lead character in a popular Russian book series written in the 1960s by novelist Yulian Semyonov and of the television adaptation Seventeen Moments of Spring, starring Vyacheslav Tikhonov, as well as in feature films, produced in the Soviet era, and in a number of sequels and prequels. Other actors portrayed Stierlitz in several other films. Stierlitz has become a stereotypical spy in Soviet and post-Soviet culture, similar to James Bond in Western culture. The American historian Erik Jens has described Stierlitz as the “most popular and venerable hero of Russian spy fiction”.

    Actually, this sounds interesting. I wonder if there are English versions?

  2. I think most of the commentators here didn’t get the joke: Stierlitz is a popular fictional character from a Russian TV series. Someone was clearly messing with the Turkish immigration services.


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