Meet the New Russian Mascot That Stands for the Environment

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Meet Khokhulya – the desman that has become an environmental mascot of the Ministry of Environemnt of the Kaluga region, Russia. The creepy creature appears at exhibitions, children’s events and in the streets of the region. The mascot in all ways propagandizes the careful attitude to the nature and maybe reminds people of how the nature may look like if they maltreat it.

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  1. The Russian desman is one of two surviving species of the tribe Desmanini, the other being the Pyrenean desman. Despite its outward similarity to muskrats (a rodent), the Russian desman is actually part of the mole family Talpidae in the order Eulipotyphla. Like other moles, it is functionally blind and obtains much of its sensory input from the touch-sensitive Eimer’s organs at the end of its long, bilobed snout. However, the hind feet are webbed and the tail is laterally flattened —specializations for its aquatic habitat.


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