Happy Harvesting Time

Трудовая школа имени Карла Либкнехта и Розы Люксембург. Праздник урожая. Передача детям деревни Смолино библиотеки-передвижки. Неизвестный автор, 1923 год, Челябинская губ., г. Челябинск, Государственный исторический музей Южного Урала.

Results of their work provided the whole country with food. In the absence of supermarkets, Soviet people used to celebrate a good harvest. Both adults and young people worked hard to grow and harvest vegetables and fruit without compaints. And look at their faces – they were happy!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Harvesting Time”

  1. The photos taken for Russian propaganda publications have the people smiling. The rest of the photos, no one is smiling. Looks like farm harvest labor was the job of the women before mechanization.

  2. The people in that first picture, mostly children holding signs and stacks of papers, seem downright angry as a group. Since I can’t read Russian, can someone explain what is going on with those people?

    • “Harvest holiday – beginning of battle for harvest”
      “With weapons – we’ll get enemies
      With work – we’ll get a bread
      With knowledge – we’ll improve agriculture”
      A usual school meeting

  3. I like the 1948 picture the best. All the women are doubled-over and working like oxen in the baking sun, and the single adult male is there, just chillin’, no doubt telling them what a great job they are doing before deciding that he has done enough supervision for one day and it’s time for a gentle stroll to the river so that the afternoon can be enjoyed properly. LOL egalitarianism!

  4. What strikes me is the wide variety of every sort of facial feature in these photos. Aside from sun, harsh weather exposure, lack of dental care, these photos look similar to those of Midwestern USA people today. Pictures of my grandfather who was too young for ww1, show him too thin from overwork as well. No, nothing of course like the 1920’s in Russia and everything that followed, but the haunted weariness shows in the faces of all those pioneer immigrants photos too who came from some tiny nation like NL and chopped down a woodlot to make a farm in a cold place like MI with a short season in the 1860s and were still fairly hungry in 1920. Aghh. Brave good man he was. Thankful for him.


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