9 thoughts on “Stores in the USSR: True Photographs”

  1. Yes, the shops specially in the small town was generally empty with some pile of conserve can,
    or toilets paper rollers to make a windscreen decor. First you had to wait outside, inside later
    to ask to some unpleasant matrons what you look for. The answer was generally negative, and
    it was better to have a friend working there to put under the shelf your needs. You could bought some sausages
    but real beef was rare, like some bread who wasn’t hard like a stone. I don’t speak about cars or motorbikes
    parts, rare like hens teeth. The weepers specially was a black market traffic, and you had to put them out during the night! Also to get some petrol for your vehicle (if you were enough lucky to had one) you
    had to queue if it was a Friday or Saturday. Even you favorite cigarettes or beer brand wasn’t obtainable;
    during some long period. Very special times…The pics are taken a stuff arrival day, the shelves was empty very quickly and you had to arrive earlier.

  2. lies and propaganda. the central asia republics where food was grown were better off, but in the late 80’s til the fall of communism, people waited in lines with coupons for meager, often spoiled food to arrive. the shelves were empty

  3. I remember well the three-step shopping process:
    1) stand in line to tell them what you’d like to buy – receive bill.
    2) stand in another line to pay the bill for the thing you ordered.
    3) stand in a 3rd line to receive the thing you paid for.

    Only 30 minutes to buy a jar of smetana! Genius!

  4. “Were the shelves in the stores really empty?”
    Noooo, of course not! Sometimes there were oranges in the shop! Ekhm.. it was the only stuff in the shop by the way… (look at the picture above 😀 😀 )
    Generally – Soviet Union was so happy country! – Full of happy people enjoying work in lagers, making Kalashnikovs, singing patriotic songs, marching in the parades and hating America…
    Beautiful times…
    Happily all this returnes now…

  5. Shopping in the USSR was a nightmare, especially for women. There were massive shortages of feminine things like makeup, lipstick and perfume.


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