How Soviet People Did Laundry

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A few pictures to show you how people did laudering in the USSR. On the photo above – special wooden structure for laundry in a Russian village.

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Left: laundry in the Sukhon river, Vologda region, 1950. Right: laudrywomen in the Moskva river, 1925.

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Scene from a Soviet movie.
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Washing house, Kuzbass, Gornaya Shoriya, 1981.
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One of the first models of washing machines, 1958.
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Compact washing machine “Malyutka”, Sverdlovsk, 1984.  Свердловск, 1984. It could wash up to 4 kg of linen.
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Automated washing machine “Vyatka”, 1978.
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Washing house in Chelyabinsk, 1935-1940.
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Domestic services enterprise “Chaika” in Moscow.
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Washing house in Novosibirsk, 1973.

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  1. Washing in rivers and lakes as in my childhood in Finland.
    Bears and wolves tend to harass, but it increased the willpower.


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