7 thoughts on “Moscow Subways Stations: So Beautiful When Empty”

    • Is not about capitalism or comunism,is about the generations.Old generations means great works and art,today generation means ripped jeans and cardboard houses and plastic food.

  1. Wow!
    These stations are really magnificent works of art.
    It seems almost a waste to use them as subway stations.
    I could imagine selling tickets to them and giving tours for tourists.
    What is the story to these? Why were they built so artistically, as opposed to the normal basic functionality?

  2. There are many more even more beautiful stations. Russia brought to this world a lot of great artists. This beauty was created by the Russian people under Stalin’s pressure. We had to be the best in everything no matter what. I love Moscow, my childhood city. I miss last century Moscow, the small parks, the smell of lilac in spring, the theater evenings, seeing the books in the subway’s commuters hands (everybody had to read the latest editions), China coffee and tea shop near Kremlin within walking distance from where we lived…


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