Blockaded Leningrad Vs. Saint-Petersburg of Today

Дворцовая площадь

Blockaded Leningrad and present day Saint-Petersburg. Same places, but so different emotions. Let peace on Earth last forever.

Гороховая улица

Адмиралтейский проспект

It was a tough period for the city’s trams and trolley-buses.

Медный всадник

People tried to protect the monuments of the city…

Исаакиевский сквер

Farming in the very center of the city…

Введенский сквер

Special shelters

Звенигородская улица

People used the water from the pipes.

Улица Правды

When the pipes were damaged, the water formed such ponds which also became sources of water.

Улица Белинского

1943 – the period of active bombing

Сенная площадь

Winter 1941-1942, Kuznechny market. People changed valuable things for food.

Кузнечный рынок


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