Cozy Past Depicted By Philipp Kubarev

Традиционный Новый год
Philipp Kubarev is the artist who soulfully depicts familiar images of the Soviet past, bringing back its warmth and romantic appeal. Nothing special – drinks, food, interiors… but it seems you feel the taste of those painted dishes, bubbles of champagne in the glass…
Чистопрудный бульвар
Chistoprudniy boulevard, Moscow
В гости
Going on a visit
Русская зима
Winter meals
За пивом
Beer lovers
Опоздал на полчаса
Half an hour late
Сон солдата
Soldier’s dream
Ужин на даче
Dining in a summer house
Summer residents

7 thoughts on “Cozy Past Depicted By Philipp Kubarev”

  1. In the Soviet era, who had the leisure and money to afford the clothes and foods so artfully displayed? How many years’ wait was it for a motorbike, and how much did itcodt the typical working man? Pleasant pictures of a time that never was.

    What about the stopped toilets, the crumbling walls, the uncollected trash and garbage; the
    lights that never came on, cold closet sized apartments with shared kitchens and baths.

    Stores only for the nomenklatura, and bread lines for Ivanka the widow. Academy for the
    ‘sons of the better families’; the Army for the rest.

      • Soviet system was a continuous lie and ever growing rotting bullshit as any Chernobyl survivor will testify. No thanks. You still can’t live in the exclusion zone near the Chernobyl power plant thanks to the Soviet methods in management and design of the RBMK reactor.

        True freedom is the only thing which is proven to work where you can chart your own path, take your own risks and get your own rewards without big brother government interference.

    • Not to mention dealing with corrupt local officials, bribes, dirty hospitals, low quality medicines, also constantly censoring yourself and worying about if your neighbour is secretly working for the police to report anything you say.

      Being arrested in the middle of the night, that dreaded knock on the door. The phony government reports of plentiful harvests and other “successes” all the while covering up their bumbling incompetence and mistakes.

      People today have either forgotten these horrors or they have been grossly misled by fools with rose-coloured glasses.


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