7 thoughts on “Mother Russia: Another Crazy Sculpture”

  1. In many occasions where the explanation is missing, it can be found in Russia. There is the gypsy Sechin doing gypsy things, there are bombastic egoes that inflate with each

    loss in the Syrian war (but funnily, not when hundreds of current and former spetsnaz are killed) and confused passengers on a senseless chip called prospective policy. We live

    the times when the gypsies make policy for the medium term and the russians react tomorrow to yesterday’s events. And that is bad – Russia can’t afford this narrow mind for

    long. A tipping point is coming when US will be totally dominated by the satanism – THAT WOULD TAKE RUSSIA OUT OF TOP 3, not some childish games played now, because this was

    always the evil plan, since, like Britain, you have a resource in excess, the dudes want it and you look dizzy. If you lose Netanyahu you lose the whole Jewry, not only your

    oligophrene Chabad who are just as pro-russian as Savoiu. The world needs Russia and Russia needs the world, and instead it stays closes in its room doing hexes. I heard today

    that the whole beef was because of a plane. Funk your plane, in this rhythm the wolves come closer and you will loose all your bloody planes. Maybe you lived too long in

    Snegurochkaland and you didn’t notice – this world is a satanic place and once the signal is given everyone will begin to byte of you, friends and enemies. You have nuclear

    weapons but only for one country, so better not have more enemies, and definitely not all of them. So move y So move your S and do the right thing. Yesterday God was very

    pleased that the Jews finally saw their legitimate interests, so each Russian toddle ever born will have to explain Him why you lost them. The only way out of this toilet where

    you will definitely be a victim (see my previous message) is this: stabilize the other countries – Gantz that you help today will attack you tomorrow, until you all go to hell.

    Netanyahu did what no one did before in the entire russian history – he apologized. And you throw this single proof of respect from someone else (when even Nauru makes fun of

    you) and make “business”. What business you make, smartie, with those who despise you? They will still your merchandise and keep making fun, especially in the current

    configuration – gypsies outside, gypsies inside. Drink some pickle juice (it’s good for vodka) and note the steps to the window – 1. those who criticize you are two categories –

    those who despise you honestly (those whom you want to serve) and those who would need you but see they can’t count on you. First step – get the negative energies out of your

    life and show your friends that they can trust you. Do something good in Israel, you will never fool God with things done in african countries with populations smaller than your

    army. Cancel the order for Lieberman to drop the right, after your romanian partners dropped the left (and americans too, you’re not smarter, just a bit high). 2) cleanse the

    atmosphere 2) cleanse the atmosphere – cleaning is dirty and some take pride in how dirty they go, but there is no cleaning if you don’t see the house clean – that’s the ultimate purpose. Apparently you hate respect coming from sane people and want the approval of your torturers. That’s masochism, they don’t deserve it, so work on this for five minutes. The lunatics aren’t received by God, and not even taken care if they are somewhere else. God works with souls and hearts, and he just as disgusted to touch some dirty ones as an oligarch is disgusted to touch a dirty Lada (including the latest models, that are copied after Dacia). 3) preemptive measures – see how you are now? That’s exactly how no one else should be, so change all those whom you can change, before you will be the next victim (Navalny, anyone?). Remember this – YOU ARE IN OVERTIME, with your attitude, including selling all your neighbors you should have been dead already. You have these few minutes because people as bad as you and outside the normal specter hope that you will be moral and offer an escape for them all. They aren’t fools like me that you enjoy killing during the drunken parties with Dragnea, they are jerks like you that will kill you tomorrow if you either don’t kill them (you can’t) or befriend them today, and MORE THAN THAT, male sure that the same hole won’;t swallow them tomorrow. It wasn’t just Israel’s apology, it was also EU’s second chance (not borrell, he is a satanist) and China’s pondering when and China’s pondering when they were offered everything. Never in your history were your friends and enemies so separated, never you had such a huge sympathy capital that would allow you to come back on high horses, but never the wonmdow of opportunity was so little and never you tried to destroy your friends more than now. And the whole Middle East, in the moment of maximum visibility, when everyone became softer on it (funnily, Middle East is not just Syria, there are almost 30 countries in it). Do this, deny their help and you will go to hell with all their sins besides yours, and there aren’t few. Or begin with Lieberman joining netanyahu, as a first step. There were times when the jews looked with hope towards russia; now, not even the russian ones think you are sane. Yo friend (hopefully not victim, too). And of we talk about bribes, like Biden buying your oil, when you weill pay the Saudi one?


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