6 thoughts on “Donald Trump As an Average Russian Village Guy”

  1. “I’m just like you” said the decadent, degenerate dictator. Give them bread and circus and soon enough they’ll eat it, propaganda and all.

  2. yes it does. whether intentionally or not, trump expressed many sentiments that one would consider antithetical to what the usa is supposed to be about. in this way he played into the hands of “rival” nations that for one reason or another have something to benefit from instability in the usa.

    here in the usa we have been making fun of republicans for doing the will of putin during the trump administration and this art is a humorous look at taking it one step further – making trump a russian peasant.

    this brings up another point – when we think of peasants we think of coarse behaviour and culture. no matter how much money trump has he also has a very crude culture of his own. the art enhances this idea.

    makes total sense.


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