7 thoughts on “Houses Made From Vehicles”

  1. Most of such creators have talent and do a good and coherent job; unfortunately, their lack of materials is obvious. Maybe if the state would help them a bit, these things would be a good publicity.

  2. One Does What One Must Do To Survive.
    Being Poor Should Never Reflect Upon A Person.
    How They Live & Survive Should.

    I know a group of people living in our nearby swamp and by all appearances have nothing. But when talking to them, they have qualities, characters and strengths inside them worth more than all the material things and gold in the world and more knowledge than any book could teach you.
    Just as they have done here, they’ve built their homes out of anything they can salvage and you’d be impressed by their ingenuity and resourcefulness. If it keeps you safe, dry and warm then you’ve made the perfect home.

    Here’s to surviving with the least when living with the most corrupts you…

  3. Ask any kid in America, “Would you rather have your room like it is, or a room made from an airplane?”. You can guess. You’d be surprised you popular “tree houses” are in USA, and for good reason. It’s good to see the world from a child’s eyes – and like Jeffrey R. Hardin says above, “if it keeps you safe, dry and warm then you’ve made the perfect home!”


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