Road Accidents of the Day

Авария под Мариуполем
Two heroes of the day. This one had an accident not far from Mariupol, Ukraine. The truck on the slippery road crushed into the cement divider and collapsed from the bridge but luckily avoided the tragedy… Happy bday, man!

Фура повисла на мосту

Фура врезалась в отбойник

Фура почти упала с моста
And this one is from Samara, Russia:
Авария в Самаре
В Самаре грузовик зацепился кузовом
В Самаре грузовик застрял на дорожной опоре
Спасатели на месте аварии в Самаре

4 thoughts on “Road Accidents of the Day”

  1. Russians and Slavs are a perfect contradiction. They are extremely intelligent and practical yet at times they do the most irresistibly stupid things that just can not be explained. An enigma for sure but part of their charm I guess.

  2. I guess you can say this is progress Russian style. I note the driver is not still in the trck. The work that remains is to actually respond to the wreck and remove the damage. Not yet quite there in Russia but there is hope.

  3. But if you can read the signs you should have seen this is not from Russia as many photos in this site, get used to determine there 15 different states in a place of the fromer USSR with a very different economic and infrastractural development.


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