10 thoughts on “Nothing Compares to the Taste of Soviet Beer!”

  1. “Last time I had Russian beer it tasted like vinegar, yuck!” – It probably WAS vinegar.

    Next time, be nice to the barman, ask for a Velke Pivo and you may get the right stuff.

    • Definitely before the age of the Pharos, Douglas. Fact : some of the builders of the pyramids were known to have been paid in beer. I read an article about 12 yrs ago where they had unearthed some pots in Egypt and discovered that the contents had once contained various types of Egyptian beer . The scientists interviewed in the article said that they had found tablets with Egyptian beer recipes, and specifically were looking at about 3,200 or so of them that were specifically reserved by the ancient Egyptians for medicinal purposes. They were trying to recreate some of those beers, and found that one recipe was naturally high in Tetracycline, for instance.

      So, beer making in ancient Egypt was not just for every day consumption, but was in fact very high-tech and evolved even back in the days of the Pharos.


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