5 thoughts on “GTA Supermarket in Lviv, Ukraine”

  1. Well yeah, the ones who are responsible for tbe country and it’s people have done a perfect job stealing and plundering what ever they could only to put it into tax havens. Since then everying what was once a great country has fallen to ruins. But keep on opening supermarkets with imported products instead of eating ukraininan produce. Has not the so called black earth be privatised thus stealing the once publicy owned land from under the feet of the people?

  2. When the Soviet Union collapsed, a couple of my relatives escaped to the West; I picked them up at my local airport, in order to drive them to my home. This would be their first exposure to “The West”.
    On the way home, I decided to show them one of my local supermarkets.
    We all walked in the front door. They took about a dozen steps inside and then stopped in the middle of an aisle.
    They were absolutely quiet for about a minute, their eyes and mouths were wide open.
    Then all three started to cry uncontrollably. Tears were streaming down their faces.
    The sight of three adults standing in the aisle of a perfectly ordinary supermarket, crying their eyes out, was very amusing to the people walking past.
    The tragedy of this is that in the USA, about 70 million people just voted to change to the Soviet system that my relatives escaped from.
    I think they should all be given a tour of a Soviet era supermarket before they vote.


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