Old Russian Desks That Have Nothing In Common With Modern Ones. Unfortunately.


Quite unexpectedly – today we gonna show you some old school desks from Russia. Today they don’t look cool actually. Neither they are comfortable. Old ones actually represented a single piece from a table and a seat. And those tables had flip-over extensions.


Library of Alexander II in Winter Palace. Mid XIX century.


Saint-Petersburg, 1828


School desks


Village KonstantinovoDSC07274.jpg

Agricultural schoolDSC00183.jpg

School in village Lvovka built in 1904 for the money provided by the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Look at the interior typical for the 1910s.DSC00870.jpg
Village Verkola. Elementary school built in 1877 by the local monastery. Today it’s the museum named after Fedor Abramov.


Vyatskoye village. Museum of Russian enterprise. Tilt top tables. Twigs for naughty students.



Memorial classroom of a parish school in stanitsa (village) Karginskaya. interior of the 1910s.DSC08690.jpg

Three-seat desks

Memorial classroom of Taganrog gymnasium. In 1868 Russian writer Chekhov entered this institution. Klass.jpg

Two-seat desks with individual backs.

Classroom in the mansion-museum of Rakhmaninov in Ivanovka. One-seat desk.


Transformer desk.DSC06971.jpg

In the Moscow house-museum of Tsvetaeva, Russian poetess. Typical school desk that was also a standard one for France in the 1930s. DSC06972.jpg

Marina Tsvetaeva used the desk as a table for writing her poems.

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