9 thoughts on “Girls in the Russian Fleet”

  1. With all due respect to the military ladies.
    Russia is not Nigeria, Indonesia or Brazil …. Russia has demographic problems to solve !!
    Wouldn’t these ladies be more patriotic if they took care of their homes and generated numerous (and beautiful) children to guarantee the future of their people?
    I would like them to replicate me !!!

  2. I notice that the women seem to be largely separated from male sailors (classrooms, formation, etc…) while that is not the case in the US Navy. In the US Navy, women are fully integrated into the fleet except for berthing quarters and a few places where separate berthing cannot be provided, such as some small ships (minesweepers) and most submarines.

    There is also a picture where a male officer (possibly senior enlisted, I’m not familiar with the Russian ranks) has his arm around a woman who appears to be junior enlisted. This would get you dismissed from the US Navy as a breach of discipline and possible sexual harassments.

  3. I noticed that too. The New Zealand and Australian militaries are integrated too and you don’t see separate male and female classes.

  4. About the picture with an officer and a young lady, look at the names, it’s a father and his daughter, probably after graduation or decoration. Father seems proud!


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