7 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Plasticine Metro 2033”

  1. Hello!

    I’ve been visiting this website for years, since 2007.

    I always had a unexplainable attraction to Russia and I never knew why. That is why your website was so interesting to me.

    But guess what happened? I ended up getting married to a Russian girl and now I have Russian family. Had the opportunity to visit the country and see with my own eyes things I only used to see here in pictures.

    Never imagine that would happen, but somehow your website was part of my history and my fate.

    Never stop posting. I’ll never stop visiting you.

    Wish I could have a word with the creator of the website to say thank you.

    • Yes,
      I too have been coming to this site for many years. Very hard to explain why, but this site is my way of visiting Russia. Great website.

    • Ditto. I started looking at this site in 2011 or so. Very sad to see it got hacked, glad to see it back again. I’d love to see some of the older photo sets, Great Patriotic war, average people, and the scenery. I retire in a few months and am seriously considering taking the Trans Siberian Railway from St Petersburg to Vladistok.

  2. Looks like my old apartment in Moscow. Thats me in bed after a drinking session during my friend’s wedding – at least it represents how I felt the next day….


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