Legless Guy From Russia Conquers Elbrus

Рустам Набиев покорил Эльбрус

In 2015 Rustam Nabiev was one of eighteen soldiers who survived the barrack collapse in Omsk, Russia. But the tragedy deprived him of his legs. But the incident didn’t get the guy broken. He set the goal to conquer Elbrus. And he did. Rustam didn’t rely on anyone’s help, only on himself. When he achieved the peak, he could not hide his emotions. 13 km and 15 hours walking on his hands…

Рустам Набиев в снегу

2 thoughts on “Legless Guy From Russia Conquers Elbrus”

  1. Truly amazing.
    Shows that the human spirit exists in all people, regardless of their origins.
    A magnificent achievement by a truly remarkable man.


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